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Welcome to Robert’s Arm.  You will find our coastal community in Green Bay , one of the many bays that make up the greater  Notre Dame Bay  of Newfoundland and Labrador. We are a small community with a proud population of around 750.  

Days long past, Robert’s Arm was a thriving community involved in the fishing industry, the lumber and pulp wood industry, and an educational center servicing many out port communities. Before, that Robert’s Arm was a mining town for several years. We have quite a colorful history that has been preserved in the story telling tradition, and several books that are well worth reading.

Today, we still have men and women that gain their livelihood from the sea and in the lumber woods, and we have several local businesses that support our neighboring communities,  but for the most part, we are a quiet retirement community , and we like it that way.  We are also very friendly and love it when strangers (tourists) come to visit. Sometimes we talk a bit fast in our original English dialect and use many very old slang sayings but  if you have the time for a story, we do love having a  good  chat.  We like to share, so please come for a visit and share  our wonderful community and all that we have to offer.